Recent bit of writing

The only thing I could manage so far, something related to the new GRA.


Run SPEC CPU2017 benchmarks through any Pintool

We developed a cache model for prefetching for our computer architecture course. We had to run address traces for a real application through the model to see if the prefetcher worked. These addresses traces were generated with the Pintool pinatrace on SPEC CPU2017 benchmark software. Detailed here is a short overview of an easy way to use Pintool with SPEC CPU2017 benchmarking suite.

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Matrix Multiplication in Coupled Cluster

Electronic structure theory deals in tensor quantities. Matrices are a special type of tensor, and matrix multiplication is a special type of tensor contraction. In the practical implementation of coupled cluster theory, we store \hat{T}_{2} amplitudes t^{cd}_{ij} are stored in matrix form where we use compound row and col indices ij and cd respectively. This storage scheme is often called a supermatrix.

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