A Traceback in Time

Colleague and I trying to figure out time and its great mysteries. Starting at the top, with GNURadio, I wanted to figure out how it timestamps the samples. GR provides an interface with the UHD library (USRP Hardware Driver library). With a call to get_time_now, GR can have a time_spec_t object defined in UHD. That … Continue reading A Traceback in Time


Ring Buffers

GNURadio uses a ring buffer between two blocks. GNURadio uses a thread-per-block scheduler that runs each block or filter block (component in RedHawk or elements in GStreamer) on a separate thread. Consumer blocks wait till producer blocks have produced number of items needed by the consumer after which the scheduler starts the thread running the … Continue reading Ring Buffers

RTL-SDR and Osmocom for the Impatient

For an assignment, we had to build an FM Receiver using GNURadio and an RTL-SDR dongle. The source blocks in GR for the RTL-SDR come from a package called osmocom and the device drivers from rtl-sdr. I followed the quick start guide to install all. But there were problems with installations on both Windows and Linux. … Continue reading RTL-SDR and Osmocom for the Impatient

ADC for SDR : Thoughtdump

Bands are allocated, deallocated, reallocated. Standards and allocations vary in the world. We require the receiver to perform frequency translation and channel filtering that allows us to select the required band and channel within this whole spectrum. Traditional receivers will have dedicated hardware for specific channels which doesn't work for the software-defined radios approach. We … Continue reading ADC for SDR : Thoughtdump

GStreamer and GNURadio Overview

It may seem like apples to oranges but I want to study streaming applications and how they are threaded. This seemed like a good place to start. Comparison between GNURadio and GStreamer GStreamer GNURadio GStreamer’s development framework makes it possible to write any type of streaming multimedia application GNU Radio was originally a streaming system … Continue reading GStreamer and GNURadio Overview